Authentic Real Estate Marketing: December 2006

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Congrats to Ardell...

for making two "featured posts" on only her first day!  WOW!
Comment balloon 1 commentDustin Luther • December 30 2006 05:16AM
Congrats to Ardell…
for making two "featured posts" on only her first day WOW! more
I love that Eddy's figured out…
if you want to be "the" featured professional on ActiveRain it is less about being interesting and more about putting your signature at the bottom of every post to ensure you get to 50 words! LOL! So, while I heard loud and clear from… more
Completely Irresponsible Use of Social Networking Tools…
Laurie Manny said something that was completely reasonable within the context of AR and highlights the fact that it is so easy to use social networking tools (like AR) irresponsibly… Laurie: "I have no objection to taking this post public,… more
Learning from zefrank
Anyone else addicted to ze frank His video show is extremely fast moving, fun, frequent, and smart… For me, hre represents just about everything I've come to expect from their online entertainment: http://www. zefrank. com/theshow/ (graphic… more
Give a warm welcome to Wendy Baker…
Wendy is my favorite photographer in the world and she just so happens to take beautiful home photos. She works mostly in the Sacramento area, although she's been known to travel to distant places for the right shot… In addition to home photos,… more
What's the difference between Clicks and Views on…
the statistics page? Some posts like the Phil Dawley post got a lot of views, but very few clicks while others, like ActiveRain Cred post have a much higher "click-to-view" ratio more
Day 1 Gripes with ActiveRain
Limit of 5 posts a day. This I really don't understand. I could see only giving points for the first 5 posts of the day, but I don't understand why I'm limited to five. It's ugly. But I knew that before I started and pretty much impossible to… more
No harm meant, but…
the #1 AcriveRain Profile in Calabasas has a website that reminds me of the Million Dollar Homepage more
#4 in Calabasas!
I'm already #4 in Calabasas with 548 points! And I only need to get a little over 1000 to be #1! That means that either I'll have to start writing longer blog posts, or you guys will have to start commenting more! LOL! more
Did others get a chance to see my interview with Phil Dawley…
of Move? Besides being one of the original employees who has seen Realtor. com through all it's folly and glory, he's a darn nice guy. http://blogs. move. com/blog/2006/12/13/phil-dawley-on-the-early-history-of-move/ more