Authentic Real Estate Marketing: 4RealzEd Day 21: Comment on Blog Posts

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4RealzEd Day 21: Comment on Blog Posts

ActiveRain is many things to many people... but fundamentally, it is a free blog platform that can do two things for you:

  1. Help you quickly build a strong presence on the web
  2. Engage with a community of real estate professionals who are more than happy to educate you on just about any real estate issue conceivable

The second part is especially true if you're willing to become part of the community and share your knowledge and experience as well...

I think it is important to note that for ActiveRain, blog posts and the comments that follow are the lifeblood of the community...  So it is extremely appropriate that you start your ActiveRain experience by writing a few comments on popular blog posts. 

But first... way back in Day 6, I had you sign up for an ActiveRain account.   If you haven't signed up yet, you'll definitely want to do that now.  And if you use this link:, then I'll get rewared (more on AR rewards later!) for signing you up! ;)

Today's lesson is quite simple and involves just three steps:

  1. Head to the homepage:
  2. On the left had side of the page, you will find a section called "Today's Blog Posts" with three tabs: "Featured", "Active" and "Last Comment".  
  3. Peruse the blog posts in this section and leave three comments today.   Your comments don't have to long or profound... just a comment that shares your thoughts about the post.  On the posts that get featured, you'll see that they often feature dozens of comments, so you won't be the only one!  

Assuming you're logged in when you leave comments (and you definitely should be since many community members write posts that can only be seen by "members"), then your comment will automatically link back to your profile where others can learn more about you.

For this reason, if you didn't updated your profile on Day 6, then now would be a great time to make sure that your profile reflects well on you and links back to your business website!

That's it for today.   Tomorrow, we'll write a blog post!

[And for those of you ActiveRainers who have no idea what this blog post is about, I wrote a bit of background here:]

Comment balloon 10 commentsDustin Luther • May 19 2008 06:20AM


Di Dustin;

Great post and very good Active Rain lesson, thank you for sharing.

Posted by Anthony Stokes-Pereira, Realtor (Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty) over 11 years ago

I get 25 points for this comment!!!  Thanks Dustin.

Posted by Ted Mackel, Simi Valley Real Estate Agent (Keller Williams Realty Simi Valley) over 11 years ago

I follow Ted for my 25 point reward.  :-)

Posted by Irina Netchaev, Pasadena CA Real Estate (Pasadena Views Real Estate Team, Inc.) over 11 years ago

You guys are way too savvy.   What the hell were you doing at 4RealzEd anyway...  ;)

Posted by Dustin Luther ( over 11 years ago

A question for you, Dustin.  I see that you are adding quite valuable (IMNSHO) information to Active Rain via your blog here.  Do you worry about making Active Rain a bigger and better place to someone else's advantage?  Do you stop and think, if ActiveRain sells for a huge sum of money at some point, that will be due to, in part, your valuable content, and to a large extent due to the valuable content of many agents on a combined basis? 


Posted by ARDELL DellaLoggia (Better Properties Seattle ) over 11 years ago

Great question Ardell...  In many ways, no argument that it helps AR to send them users and try to educate those users on how  they can engage on their site.   

But at the same time, the AR team has created a very healthy community and I think I'd be doing a disservice to real estate agents if I didn't introduce them to the tool.   We end up covering a ton of different tools, so my hope is that each agent will be able to see the advantages/disadvantages of each tool.     While I don't think AR should be the sole online marketing tool for agents, I do think there is some great value here.

Posted by Dustin Luther ( over 11 years ago

Hi Dustin -

You have become indispensable!! Thank you soooo much for step by step guidance.  Now that I have jumped in- I have some questions...On AR what & how do I know about Associates? associations? subscriptions?(I think I "get" groups).  I'm just not sure I "get" the other terms or what to do with them!!  Help!!

Thanks, Roz

Posted by Rosalind "Roz" Mishkind (Coldwell Banker) over 11 years ago

Groups and Associations are tomorrow!  ;)  

Posted by Dustin Luther ( over 11 years ago

Silly me!  I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Posted by Rosalind "Roz" Mishkind (Coldwell Banker) over 11 years ago

Per usual, I've fallen behind on my daily lessons: why, at this point, it's months behind, but your pearls of wisdom are paramount!! Regardles of the seminars I'm in, real estate or otherwise, topics are brought up that I know you've already addressed.  So, I go back to the drawing board, and resume your daily tutorials!!





Posted by Maggie Navarro- Pasadena Real Estate Maven (Teles Properties) over 10 years ago

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